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Dealing With Rise In Motorcycle Crashes In California

Motorcycles are a popular vehicle choice for a multitude of Americans, however they are certainly controversial in nature. Many states throughout the country have enacted helmet laws over the past several years and issues involving safety and rider liberty always seem to be under discussion. Despite all the controversy, motorcycle ownership has been steadily increasing throughout the country and unfortunately it is accompanied by a high number of serious injuries and deaths for motorcycle riders. With more than 800,000 registered motorcycles, California has the largest volume of motorcycles in the nation.

A large percentage of California motorcycles are in Southern California. The State of California has an inviting climate, beautiful views, and challenging rides account for the number of motorcycles on SoCal highways. With so many motorcycles on the road, it is inevitable that California has more motorcycle crashes than any other state. Motorcycle crashes lead to devastating head and spinal injuries. Serious crashes that are not fatal often leave motorcycle riders paralyzed or suffering from permanent brain injuries. Evidence has shown time and again that accidents on motorcycles often result in severe and debilitating injuries far more severe than those suffered by drivers and passengers in cars. There are no fender benders for motorcycle riders or their passengers. According to NHTSA, 80% of motorcycle crashes end in the death or serious injury of the driver or passenger.

Motorcycle riders often have little to no protection when a crash occurs. Therefore motorcycle riders are at a higher rate of risk each and every time they take to the road. In such scenarios riders who operate motorcycles without helmets are at particular risk of sustaining fatal or severe injuries.  Common motorcycle injuries involve traumatic brain injuries, and in that respect helmet use offers obvious benefits.  Helmets have been judged to be successful at protecting riders against serious brain injuries although they are not foolproof, they provide the head with greater protection against impact with the road or other vehicles, in the event of a collision and that affords motorcycle riders a greater chance of surviving a wreck.

The State of California is one of only 19 states and the District of Columbia to require all operators of motorcycles to wear helmets that meet federal safety standards. Even though helmets have been effective in preventing fatal injuries to riders and passengers in motorcycle crashes, the number of states having mandatory helmet requirements has actually gone down rather than up. At least one state repealed its mandatory helmet law. States requiring mandatory wearing of helmets by all riders and passengers are known as universal helmet law states. Partial helmet law states only require riders below a certain age to wear helmets.

A competent and experienced motorcycle accident lawyer can help victims injured in motorcycle accidents or the families of victims of fatal motorcycle crashes obtain compensation that may improve the quality of a victim’s life or replace the income that a deceased motorcyclist would have contributed to their family.