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Los Angeles motorcycle accidents are more common than anyone would like to admit. While some of these collisions make headline news, countless others fade into obscurity and are only remembered by the victims, their families, and those who are close to them. These collisions involve ordinary citizens, pedestrians, other motorists, and even law enforcers, and they often happen without any notice to the victims.

Not all collisions end in a brutal and fiery tragedy. In fact, some of these drivers have escaped physically unscathed with only memories of the motorcycle accident to haunt them for the rest of their lives. While they eventually recover from their emotional scars, some of those who suffer catastrophic injuries as a result of their collisions never recover and are never given the attention that their situation deserves.

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Who Is At Fault for Most Motorcycle Collisions?

An analysis was done by Harry Hurt with funding from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that involved 900 motorcycle accidents and 3600 traffic related accidents that occurred within Los Angeles. His report included common causes and was created to help prevent future collisions.

According to his report, 75%, or the majority of collisions, occurred through a collision between the riders with other vehicles, usually along intersections. Other bike collisions are related to road defects and obstructions, animals, vehicular failure or rider-related collisions.

Instances in which the motorcycle rider was the reason for the collision were few and far between.

According to the analysis, riders have a high chance of sustaining injury from any type of accident. This is because they are exposed to falling off the vehicle and often receive direct impact with the ground after a collision. Injuries are usually to the lower extremities with around 45% to be serious. A rider with a full-face helmet has less chance of obtaining any serious head and neck injuries. Wearing jackets, boots, and gloves decreases the chance of having cuts and lacerations, but it does not decrease or prevent any serious injuries.

Why Do These Accidents Happen?

According to Hart's report, multiple car accidents, involving riders, result when other motorists fail to notice the approaching motorcycle, or they violate the rider's right of way. These collisions occur when motorists fail to properly evaluate their surroundings and maneuver their vehicles in a way that causes a dangerous condition to others on the road.

Singular vehicular collisions usually occur when the driver tries to avoid another object, takes a sudden turn, drives too fast, and suddenly breaks. These accidents involve slamming into poles, lamp posts, pot holes, road defects, and the sudden crossing of animals. These types of accidents occur so quickly that it is often too fast for a rider to engage in an evasive maneuver.

Bike accidents caused by vehicular failure could be due to a manufacturer defect. We have obtained large verdicts and settlements on behalf of injury victims who used products that were defective, and these situations may exist for riders as well.

Laws for Riders in Los Angeles

The law covering riders in Los Angeles can be complex. It includes training, a person's right, and what to do after an accident. Here are a few laws that are included for safety:

  • To be able to drive a motorcycle, one must have a motorcycle license. A license could either be M1 or M2. M1 licences are allowed to operate any type of bike. M2 licenses are only allowed to use on devices not commonly associated with hogs.
  • All riders (passenger and driver) must wear an approved safety helmet.
  • Daytime headlights are a must for all motor bikes.

Motorcycle riders must also be aware of the “lane splitting” law. This law allows riders to use the same lane used by other automobiles moving in the same direction. Many motorists become confused when they see a rider take advantage of this freedom, and their reactions have been known to cause serious collisions.

Motorcycle Accident Claims

Victims involved in a motorcycle accident can file a claim alleging that the other person involved in their accident was responsible for the injuries sustained. To prove this, the injured party would need to be have evidence substantiating claims that injuries were inflicted and caused by the other party due to negligence, carelessness, or a disregard for the law. Documents and evidence that could support the claim are medical records, testimonials, pictures, and alike. One could also request for the condition of the vehicle at the time of the accident.  

How to Receive Injury Compensation

Insurance companies covering the vehicle responsible for your injuries can be held accountable for the injuries sustained by the driver of that vehicle. The amount to be paid depends on the insurance policy you have.

To claim damages from bike-related accidents, it is important to keep medical bills related to the treatment of any injury sustained in the accident. One can also keep records on expenses for repairing your bike and the number of missed working days due to the accident. Taking photographic evidence is also a good thing to be able to prove and record your claims. Photographs could also be used as evidence against the other party.

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As for settlement between the two parties, they could agree to an alternative dispute resolution or ADR. Both parties would have to agree to a settlement. Those looking to file a claim for motorcycle injury damages in Los Angeles are encouraged to contact our firm for a free case evaluation.

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