Do I Need a Motorcycle Lawyer After An Accident?


When you have a motorcycle accident, you need to take care of you. You may have injuries that will be with you for the rest of your life. Maybe your injuries are relatively small, but you're not sure whether they will need ongoing medical treatment. Either way, if you've suffered injuries, speaking with a motorcycle accident lawyer will give you much-needed answers that are specific to your situation.

There is no way you can undo the accident, but you can move on gracefully by taking the necessary steps to ensure your future is secure. You may feel like you don't have a lot of choices, but you do, and the wrong choice could negatively affect you for the rest of your life. Hiring a California motorcycle accident lawyer following a collision is one of the best ways to help protect your rights and prepare for the worst. Here's why.

You Need a Motorcycle Lawyer That Knows The Law

Motorcycle laws are different than other laws. Do you want an attorney that is an expert in family law? Of course not. You need a family law attorney for just that, family law. You would be best served by hiring an attorney that is a specialist and knows motorcycle law.

They will have the most experience assisting those who have suffered similar injuries to yours. Knowing who should be on your team and help you get back on the road towards recovery is paramount. You may think it is enough to have insurance. It isn't. Insurance companies are going to worry about themselves, not about you. You have to have an advocate. A California motorcycle attorney is the advocate you need in your corner. They can help you like no one else.

You Need Protection From Insurance Companies

Insurance may seem like a good thing, and it is. It will not however pay for all your injuries. The insurance company is looking to get out as cheaply as possible. Have you missed work? What about your family, if something happens to you? Can you assure their financial future is as bright?

You can feel a lot more confident when you hire an attorney specializing in motorcycle law. Laws vary from state to state also. This is very important as many attorneys are only licensed to practice in a single state. A California motorcycle attorney will be able to guide you in the right direction and honestly evaluate your situation.

You Need Peace of Mind

A very important benefit of retaining an attorney is being able to hand over the hard work needed to properly resolve these types of cases. You are not a pawn to any insurance company. Your attorney will know what questions to ask, where to go for information and how to get the best deal for your future. Do you know what papers to file or what to ask for? Can you figure out where and how to file?

You will only need to talk to your attorney when it comes to your accident. They become your greatest advocate that you can rely on to provide you with correct information, so you can consult them about your concerns and other questions knowing that they are going to know the answers. You need to know what your rights are. Do you know how much money you would make in your lifetime? Your attorney can calculate these numbers for you. They can help figure out a real settlement and give you realistic expectations.

You Need Help With Lost Wages

What about work? Have you missed any due to your recent motorcycle accident? If you have, your employer may need certain records. You don't deserve to lose your job, just because you had a wreck. That is utter lunacy. Your employer needs to know when you will be able to return to work, if at all. Your attorney will keep in contact with your medical team and can help advise you when employers put pressure on you to return too early. If you go back too early, it could be a disaster.

You Need Negotiation Assistance

While you may really need the money, it is often more important that you do not take it. This is called a settlement. This means you have done just that, settled. While settlements are often in a victim's best interest, the settlement offers made by insurance adjusters for those who do not have representation are often far below industry average. Your future stability should not rely upon an amateur's decisions. No one's should.

You need to have someone keep you on a path that will lead you to a positive case outcome that takes all of your needs into consideration. Your life is worth much more than you may think, and those responsible for your injuries have a responsibility to ensure your life is as close to normal as possible. You need to know your own worth. Your insurance company wants to value your life as an inconsequential number on a sheet of paper. This is where hiring an attorney matters. You may think the money to hire an attorney is too much, but your potential for loss is far greater without one.

This is the time that you decide that your life is worth more than an insurance estimate. The insurance company has a bottom line which has nothing to do with you or your motorcycle collision. This is your life and your future ahead. If you take any insurance money without having your case reviewed by a legal professional, you will have probably sold yourself short. That would be an awful thing to live with.

You Need Help With Medical Treatment

If you've suffered injuries, you have gone to the doctor. Your attorney can help you find doctors that are willing to treat your motorcycle accident on a lien so that you can pay them with your settlement or verdict money. This can help you get medical treatment from specialists that you may not have had access to before. Your health depends on it.

Think of your doctors and attorney as part of your team. This team wants to see you succeed. You can feel safe and secure when you know several people are looking out for you. A California motorcycle injury attorney is your team captain. They can put you in a position to get the win that you and your family need to continue on.

You Need A Motorcycle Law Firm You Can Count On

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