Types of Motorcycle Brain Injuries


Brain injuries are among the most common forms of injury that result from a motorcycle accident. They are also some of the most serious. Even with a helmet, the rider is not as protected as he or she would be in a car. This is one of the main reasons that these accidents result in such horrific rehabilitation processes. If you or a loved one has suffered a brain injury from a bike collision, you may be able to receive financial compensation for your expenses and hold the responsible party accountable. Speak with one of our motorcycle accident attorneys today to receive a free consultation and learn more about the process.

What Brain Injuries Are the Most Common in Motorcycle Accidents?

Any type of brain injury is traumatic whether it is a concussion or a skull fracture. Concussions cannot only occur from motorcycle accidents but from any type of head trauma such as a fall or a punch. While concussion symptoms can vary from person to person, common symptoms include headache, nausea, vomiting, memory loss, and blurred vision. Concussion symptoms do not always appear immediately, and it is always best to be checked out by a medical professional as soon as possible after your accident.

Skull fractures are less common, but they do occur. They occur mostly with those who are not using a helmet; however, it is possible to occur when a helmet is in use. A skull fracture usually heals on its own since you cannot cast a skull as you can an ankle or wrist. However, skull fractures can be serious enough to bruise the brain and cause cranial bleeding. These injuries must be tended to immediately, because, if they are not tended to in a swift manner, complications can result in greater injury and perhaps even death.

Spinal cord injuries are also a common injury sustained in these types of collisions. When you think of a spinal cord injury, it is common to imagine back injuries. However, the spinal cord does travel up to your neck and brain, and these injuries can be as traumatic, if not more so, than a back spinal cord injury. Severe whiplash (the jolting of your head back and forth, front to back, or side to side) can result in a spinal cord injury. These injuries, like other types of head and brain injuries, are sometimes not noticed immediately after the accident, which is why it is important to get checked out immediately by a medical professional.

How are Motorcycle Accident Brain Injuries Usually Inflicted?

Any type of impact on a motorcycle can be worse than if you were in a 4-wheel vehicle. The design of the motorcycle puts you, the rider, at risk of significantly worse injuries even if the accident looks minor. Even if you are wearing a helmet, a simple impact can severely injure you. However, research proves that a helmet can help protect you from more serious injuries without putting added pressure on your neck and spine (a common myth). A fall from your bike can lead to brain and skull injuries if you hit your head on the pavement. This is where wearing a helmet comes in. Injuries are lessened if you are wearing one versus hitting your bare head on the pavement. Speed is also a factor. The faster you are going means the greater the impact will be on your head if you happen to fall. Likewise, a slower speed will produce a slower-speed impact. All head impact injuries are a cause for concern, but traumatic injuries occur at greater rates with greater speeds.

Can I Receive Compensation for My Injuries?

If you are injured in a bike collision, it is possible that you or your family can receive compensation. Of course, there are many factors that go into play that decide if a suit can be filed or if the insurance company can pay out. One of the most important is who is at fault. If you were at fault, you are pretty much out of luck as to suing the other party. However, if they were deemed to be at fault, you can either accept their insurance settlement or go ahead with a lawsuit.

There are many options for you and your attorney if you decide to go forward with a lawsuit. For instance, you can ask for compensation for physical injuries, future medical expenses, lost wages, “loss of consortium,” and mental health expenses, among others. Loss of consortium means that the injured spouse cannot provide “spousal” company and companionship to the healthy spouse. While it is not a commonly-know term, it is a common ailment that is suffered due to an injured spouse.

Even if you have medical insurance, your bills are not 100% covered, and, thus, you are able to ask for compensation for them. It is also legal to ask for future medical payments, especially if you are believed to need additional therapies, surgeries, remedies for physical injuries, as well as for psychiatry visits. You can also ask for compensation for a new bike or for bike repairs, as well as any other personal property that was damaged for destroyed in the accident.

Bike collisions are often traumatic both mentally and physically. Motorcycle crash Los Angeles are common and often result in serious injuries. Often these injuries can be worse than 4-wheel vehicle accidents due to the physical construction of bikes themselves. Nevertheless, this is not a reason to stop riding your hog because accidents can occur in any vehicle at any time. Research from John Hopkins University shows that wearing a helmet is safer and more secure than not wearing one. Even if it is not the law in your area, please consider wearing one, as it helps protect you and your health. Even if you feel okay at the time, it is always wise to seek medical help immediately after a bike collision, whether you hit your head or not. It is always better to be safe than sorry, and it is also better to have medical documentation from day one if you decide to pursue a lawsuit or insurance settlement.

As soon as possible after your motorcycle accident, you need to consult an attorney. You do not need just any attorney. You need to find an experienced attorney who has a great deal of knowledge about motorcycle accident injuries. Not all two accidents are alike, and an experienced attorney knows this and will help you get the best possible compensation for your injuries.

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