Personal Injury Victim’s Bible


If you or your loved one has suffered serious injury within the last two years, The Personal Injury Victim's Bible is one of the most important assets you could have. Before you decide to settle or even make a statement with your insurance company, reading the Injury Victim's Bible could easily help you avoid costly mistakes that could hurt or even ruin your chances of obtaining compensation for your injuries.

Written by experienced California motorcycle attorney Timothy J. Ryan, the book is written in easy-to-understand language that provides countless benefits at every stage of the compensation process. By taking all of the truly necessary information and tools that you will need to properly prove your injuries, as well as the financial impact they had on you and your loved ones, victim's can put themselves in a better position to have the upper hand during negotiations and eventual compensation.

Ready to arm yourself with the Personal Injury Victim's Bible? Get your free copy to give yourself the tools needed to be prepared and stay in-the-know during the course of your personal injury case. This book is free to any residents of California other than attorneys, attorney reps, or insurance reps. You can order the book for $9.99 on Amazon or you can get your free Kindle download by filling out the “Contact Us” contact form on this page. Just mention that you would like a free copy of Tim's Personal Injury Victim's Bible.


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