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The Ins And Outs of California Motorcycle Accident Claims

Posted by Timothy J. Ryan | Dec 16, 2017 | 0 Comments

injury-claimA motorcycle vehicle accident should be treated like any other vehicle accident when it comes to responsibility and determination of fault. After all, a motorcycle is a legal vehicle under California state law and vehicle code. Unfortunately, in practice, motorcycle riders tend to be blamed for collisions due to widespread beliefs that that if they hadn't taken the risk in the first place, there would not have been a motorcycle accident at all.

This incorrect and biased perspective can be found in everyone from the traffic officer who arrives to make a report to the hospital staff providing the medical treatment to the courthouse personnel processing the case. It's wrong, but the same attitude can have a big influence on the outcome of a case if left unchecked.

You NEED To Speak With a Lawyer (It's Usually Free)

When it comes to the ins and outs of a motorcycle claim, an injured rider needs to start with an attorney who is both experienced and knowledgeable in how the law applies to a motorcycle rider specifically. A good advocate can cut through the “should have known better” attitude and focus attention on the case and its liabilities where they should be: on the parties responsible for the accident and injuries involved.

In California, the vast majority of motorcycle injury lawyers offer free case evaluations. These help injured riders find out about their options from licensed legal professionals without payment or obligation.

Motorcycle claims tend to be frequently downplayed by insurance companies at first, but a good attorney will remind such policy providers of their responsibility for their drivers' mistakes. And a clear cut knowledge of vehicle code and tort law in California makes a big difference in getting an insurance company's attention quickly.

Don't Settle Right Away

When the matter is actually taken seriously, there will then be a flurry of offers to settle the matter for a low figure to make it go away. Instant cash will be offered as long as the rider releases any further claims for liability. Signing these agreements too early can be a big mistake. Motorcycle accident injuries can be long-lasting and may require ongoing treatment and therapy for recovery.

A quick settlement may not include sufficient funds to deal with long-term medical needs, time and pay lost from work, the need for a different vehicle to live and get around, and other difficulties that become apparent weeks after the accident. Again, an experienced motorcycle accident attorney can vet these offers and quickly determine if they are viable or should be turned down for a better result with more prodding.

And, if it is needed, a qualified motorcycle attorney can advise on the potential success of a case going to court. Don't trust the insurance companies to figure that out for your motorcycle accident; their interest is to keep their costs down on your claim. Be smart, recover right, and get good representation from the start.

Need to speak with a motorcycle lawyer? Call (800) 838-6644 today to obtain a free case evaluation from a California legal professional with over 30 years experiencing motorcycle accident victims.

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