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The Best Places to Ride Your Motorcycle in Orange County, CA

Posted by Timothy J. Ryan | Dec 16, 2017 | 0 Comments


Southern California is famous for having an array of unique and exhilarating roadways that are ready and waiting for motorcyclists to ride. Very few areas in the US and even the world can match up to the pleasure and natural beauty available to motorcyclist right here in Orange County.

So what does Orange County have to offer?

Read further for a list of the best places in Orange County to ride your motorcycle:

Pacific Coast Highway (CA-1)

Pacific Coast Highway appeals to a great number of people for a variety of reasons. What's popular with most motorcyclists is the stretch of road between Jamboree going south to San Clemente. Needless to say, Pacific Coast Highway is known for its amazing ocean views, but along the way there are also a number of attractive places to stop, relax and enjoy:

Crystal Cove State Park

San Clemente State Beach

Ruby's Shake Shack

Laguna Beach

Ortega Highway

Ortega Highway extends from San Juan Capistrano to Lake Elsinore in Riverside County. Along with several other fantastic roads in adjacent counties, Ortega is considered a fantastic destination for a motorcyclist.

Ortega Highway has a certain uniqueness. It starts as a delightful wandering road with wide open spaces. Then it progressively builds in intensity until it becomes a moderately-paced run full of opportunities to scrape your foot pegs before growing to a breathtaking crescendo as it descends the mountain.

Santiago Canyon/Live Oak Canyon

Santiago Canyon is a faster road that features wide open stretches and attractive scenery. It starts at Chapman Ave and Jamboree Road and goes on until it finally turns into El Toro Road.

At the southern end of Santiago Canyon is Cook's Corner, a roadhouse that is popular with bikers of all types. This also happens to be where Live Oak Canyon begins. Live Oak is a lovely tree-lined road with lots of exciting elevation changes and mild corners. Though it's not very long and is a bit narrow in places, it is well maintained and lined with small ranches and charming little homes.

Carbon Canyon Road – Brea, CA (CA-142)

Carbon Canyon Road is an excellent little getaway for motorcyclists. It starts as Lambert Road east of the 57 Freeway, where soon the rural countryside transports you to a place back in time.

Numerous little villages dot this scenic drive, which culminates in a thrilling ‘S' curve at the end. The elevation swiftly declines as you are going through the ‘S' curve, which often startles novice motorcyclists. So, go easy the first few trips and try not to look down.

Carbon Canyon Road finally comes to an end in Chino where you can either carry on to your final destination, or do as many others do and turn around and make the trip it again.

Turnbull Canyon Road – Whittier, CA

Adding Turnbull Canyon Road to this list is a bit of a stretch. It actually belongs to Los Angeles County, but its popularity and nearness to the Orange County garners it a position on this list.

Turnbull Canyon is considered one of southern California's most intriguing places of interest because of its peculiar historical past, which includes:

A plane crash;

Attempts at manipulating the weather;

An insane asylum;

A stint as a celebrity hotspot; and

The alleged former home of Anton LaVey, the founder of the Church of Satan

Turnbull Canyon actually has two stages: one in which there are no residences or intersections; and the other which is residential and offers some incredible views of the valley below.

Other Orange County Locations Worth a Mention

Here are a few other places you want to keep in mind for a nice motorcycle ride in Orange County include Hacienda Road from La Habra to Hacienda Heights––an excellent road for newbie motorcyclists, along with Colima Road from Whittier and Rowland Heights.

Then there is Brea Blvd/Brea Canyon Road from State College to Pathfinder Road and Laguna Canyon Road (CA-133) from Irvine to Laguna Beach, both pleasant little runs––nothing spectacular, just nice and charming roads, especially when there is very little traffic.

Share Your Favorites

Have a favorite riding spot in the OC that wasn't mentioned? Let our Orange County motorcycle lawyers know in the comment section!

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