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Waze Unveils New Features for Motorcyclists

Traffic and Navigation

Waze, which bills itself as the “world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation app,” has introduced three new features for Android and iOs. According to a report on The Verge, the first of these features is a mode that is particularly designed for motorcyclists, equipping them...

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Suspected Motorcycle Thieves Arrested After Bragging About Theft on Social Media

Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

If you are a motorcycle owner and rider, you know that having your motorcycle stolen can be extremely aggravating. Not only is it a financial loss, but also a serious personal violation, which can be traumatic. According to a report in VisorDown, police in Bristol,...

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What Are the Best Motorcycle Helmets?

Best Motorcycle Helmets

California requires every motorcycle rider, including passengers and regardless of age, to wear a helmet. Studies show that helmets save lives and reduce the severity of head injuries. Unfortunately, even the best helmets cannot save every victim of a motorcycle crash. The odds of surviving...

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Motorcycle Helmet Contributory Negligence

motorcycle death next to helmet in Santa Ana

California law requires motorcycle operators and their passengers to wear a safety helmet when the motorcycle is operated on a public road. Helmets save lives. Personal injury lawyers encourage motorcyclists to wear helmets because we see the tragic head injuries that helmetless riders and passengers...

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Motorcycle Helmet Laws in California

CA motorcycle helmet laws

Motorcycle helmet use tends to be higher in states where mandatory universal helmet laws are in effect, as it is in California. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), in 2015, 92 percent of fatally injured motorcyclists were helmeted in states with helmet...

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Motorcyclist Killed in Santa Ana Car Accident

motorcycle death next to helmet in Santa Ana

A 34-year-old Fountain Valley man was killed in a Santa Ana motorcycle accident after he collided with an SUV as it was pulling out of a driveway. According to a report in The Orange County Register, fire officials arrived at the scene the morning of...

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San Diego Motorcyclist Suffers Serious Injuries When Car Drives Into His Path

motorcycle accident Attorney CA

Motorcycles are an efficient, fast, and exciting way to get around. However, driving one comes with a number of risks. The likelihood of suffering serious injuries in a collision is much higher for those that ride motorcycles than those who ride in cars or trucks....

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5 Signs You Need a Motorcycle Accident Attorney Now

motorcycle accident attorney CA

Have you or a loved one recently been involved in a motorcycle accident? If so, you may be considering whether you should speak with a motorcycle accident attorney about your options. An experienced lawyer can help you decide if you have a good claim against...

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