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New Study Explains Why Riding Motorcycles May Be Really Dangerous

It’s common knowledge that motorcycles have the potential to be dangerous and that they have the potential to be part of catastrophic and fatal collisions. But, according to a news report in the Reader’s Digest, a new study published in the journal Human Factors, looked...

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Harley-Davidson to Unveil Its Electric Motorcycle

Motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson has confirmed that it is getting ready to put its first electric motorcycle in the market. According to a report on Electrek, Harley-Davison introduced its all-electric motorcycle prototype in the Avengers series. That was four years ago. Announcing its fourth-quarter results, the...

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Who is Liable for a Motorcycle Lane Splitting Accident?

Lane-splitting is a term that is used to describe the practice of motorcyclists riding between traffic lanes. It has been a controversial topic for decades especially in Southern California where motorcyclists ride year-round because of the good weather we have here. When you look at...

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Motorcycle Safety Gear Every Rider Needs to Wear

Motorcycle Safety Gear

Riding defensively and exercising caution is the key to preventing motorcycle accidents. Unfortunately, motorcyclists can only control their own actions. Many crashes are caused by the carelessness of drivers, a factor that motorcyclists cannot control. Protection against injuries caused by an unavoidable accident begins with...

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Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents

More motorcycles are registered in California than in any other state. It shouldn’t be surprising that California leads the nation in motorcycle accidents. In some years, California also has the most fatal motorcycle accidents. However, since most motorcyclists in California comply with the state’s helmet...

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Waze Unveils New Features for Motorcyclists

Traffic and Navigation

Waze, which bills itself as the “world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation app,” has introduced three new features for Android and iOs. According to a report on The Verge, the first of these features is a mode that is particularly designed for motorcyclists, equipping them...

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Suspected Motorcycle Thieves Arrested After Bragging About Theft on Social Media

Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

If you are a motorcycle owner and rider, you know that having your motorcycle stolen can be extremely aggravating. Not only is it a financial loss, but also a serious personal violation, which can be traumatic. According to a report in VisorDown, police in Bristol,...

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What Are the Best Motorcycle Helmets?

Best Motorcycle Helmets

California requires every motorcycle rider, including passengers and regardless of age, to wear a helmet. Studies show that helmets save lives and reduce the severity of head injuries. Unfortunately, even the best helmets cannot save every victim of a motorcycle crash. The odds of surviving...

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