Are Motorcycle Accident Cases Harder to Win?

Motorcycle accident cases may be quite different from car accidents and slightly more challenging in terms of gathering evidence and convincing jurors.  Due to this, motorcycle cases can seem harder to win, especially without proper representation. However, in the hands of experienced motorcycle accident lawyers, victims and their families have a better chance of receiving the compensation they rightfully deserve. If you have been injured in an Orange County motorcycle accident, it is crucial you retain the services of a lawyer who recognizes and understands the key differences between motorcycle crashes and other types of traffic accidents and knows how to present your case, be it to insurance companies or jurors.

Are motorcycle cases harder to win than regular motor vehicle accident cases?

What’s the Difference?

There are a number of critical differences between motorcycle accidents and other traffic accidents. First, motorcyclists have a reputation as being daredevils, which is an unfair characterization and often not true. The actions of some motorcyclists who speed or weave through traffic gives a majority of motorcyclists a bad reputation. An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer will be weed out prejudiced jurors during the jury selection process. A skilled lawyer will even be able to shift such attitudes using facts and evidence to show that the victim was a careful rider and took precautions to avoid collisions.

The second challenge you do face in motorcycle accident cases is most jurors have not ridden a motorcycle and don’t exactly know how the vehicle works. For example, a number of people don’t know that laying the motorcycle down is one of the ways to avoid a catastrophic crash or serious injuries. To the uninitiated, it might appear that the rider was speeding or lost control. Another key difference to recognize is that injuries can be severe or catastrophic in motorcycle accidents. Multiple fractures, limb amputations, brain damage and spinal cord injuries are common in motorcycle accidents. This often means that the value of a motorcycle accident case is much higher than your average car accident case.

Finally, since insurance companies know the inherent biases against motorcyclists, they are more likely to offer unfair settlements to motorcycle accident victims. If you have suffered serious injuries in a motorcycle accident, it is important that you do not accept a settlement or sign off on an agreement until you have spoken with an experienced Orange County motorcycle accident lawyer who will evaluate your case and provide guidance regarding its correct worth and value.

Damages and Compensation

As we saw, motorcycle accidents do result in a significant amount of damages and losses. Please remember not to repair your motorcycle right away. Preserve it until your attorney can have an expert examine it for all types of evidence including vehicle or part defects. Do not talk to the other side’s insurance company. Do not give them permission to access your personal information, financial or medical records. Be very careful where or what you sign. Contact an experienced Orange County motorcycle accident lawyer right away so you can be assured that your rights are protected at every stage. Proving fault and liability in a motorcycle accident case can be a daunting task, but it is possible especially when you have the guidance of a skilled, knowledgeable injury lawyer.