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Huntington Beach Motorcyclist In Critical Condition After SUV Left Turn Collision

Posted by Timothy J. Ryan | May 12, 2020 | 0 Comments

Experienced motorcyclists know that riding the streets in Huntington Beach can be a very dangerous affair; drivers often do not notice the presence of motorcyclists around them, and the consequences are often devastating.

Last Tuesday, a motorcyclist suffered life-threatening injuries in a collision that took place at the corner of Heil Avenue and Goldenwest Street in Huntington Beach. Based on a statement made by the city's public information office, the 20-year-old motorcyclist was heading Southbound on Goldenwest when an SUV driven by a 75-year-old woman collided with his bike.

The SUV was taking a left turn towards the Arco gas station as it was coming from the northern Goldenwest area when it fully collided with the motorcyclist. The injuries sustained were severe, requiring the 20-year-old to be taken to the hospital in “critical condition”. Further information about the names of those involved and the motorcyclists' current health have not been released.

Although fault was not mentioned and alcohol was not determined to be a reason why the SUV struck the motorcyclist, it is unlikely that the motorcyclist would have been responsible for the collision considering that the motorcyclist was the one struck. HB motorcycle collisions are quite common, but the reasons why often come as a surprise to those who uncover the facts.

Common Causes of Huntington Beach Motorcycle Accidents

One of the main causes of Huntington Beach motorcycle accidents is a lack of attention from all of those involved. Distracted driving is partly responsible for thousands of accidents per year and it still manages to be the number one reason behind most of the motorcycle accidents in the US as well. Then, alcohol consumption becomes a particularly common factor for people between 20-40 years of age.

Statistics show that some HB motorcycle accidents are caused by fatigue while others are caused by bad weather. Collisions in which four-wheeled drivers make dangerous left turns that cause motorcycle accidents are also common. Many of those who do not ride motorcycles make the mistake of believing that motorcyclists are usually responsible for their own collisions, but in many cases, it is a result of inattention by other drivers on the road. In this particular situation, the motorcyclist likely had no reasonable way of avoiding the collision.

Options for HB Motorcycle Accident Victims

If you were involved in a motorcycle collision similar to the one described above then one thing is certain, you need to speak with an experienced legal professional about your situation. Victims of motorcycle accidents rarely WANT to pursue compensation for their injuries and losses, they NEED to. The best way you to find out whether you can obtain compensation is by having your case evaluated by a trusted legal professional.

The compensation received by victims varies based upon the extent of damage they are forced to sustain as well as other facts surrounding each individual case.

If you are in need of compensation after a Huntington Beach motorcycle accident, time is not on your side. Get in touch with an attorney you trust today to ensure important deadlines have not been missed and that you are being properly informed of your legal rights.

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