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Fullerton Motorcyclist Crashes Trying To Evade Driver

Posted by Timothy J. Ryan | May 12, 2020 | 0 Comments

In what appears to be a negligence-related accident, a man in his 40s has been reported to have suffered minor injuries after crashing his motorcycle in Fullerton, California. The accident occurred around 7:10 pm on August the 25th when the victim was reportedly cut off by a speeding car and fell over in an attempt to make an evasive maneuver.

According to the Fullerton Police department, the accident occurred directly in front of the Fullerton Fire department station that is located at the 1700 block off of West Valencia drive.

The injured motorcyclist was hospitalized for minor injuries, but names have yet to be released. Police investigators do not suspect any influence of alcohol, drugs, or excessive speed on the crash, however, responsibility for the crash is still under investigation.

The Motorcyclists' Curse

Despite the fact that the motorcyclist reportedly crashed because he was trying to avoid colliding with a driver who was making unsafe maneuvers, these types of crashes are often blamed on the biker. Why? Because the biker did not actually collide with the vehicle that the biker claims made an unsafe maneuver. By quickly avoiding that vehicle and falling off his bike, the insurance company for the car might claim that the motorcyclist simply lost control…

Motorcycle fatalities drops 13% in California, 7% in the United States

California is gradually witnessing a drop in motorcycle accident fatalities, even though the fatality figures are still high. According to a new report, by the Governors Highway Safety Association, motorbike fatalities have dropped by as much as 7% nationwide since 2013, and have experienced a sharp decline of 13% in the state of California since 2012.

While this seems to be good news, the bad news is that the drop in fatalities has been linked to harsh riding conditions, decreasing the number of riders on the roads. The long cold winter seems to have helped in the lowering of motorbike fatalities in the year 2013, compared to the long dry winters reported in 2012.

In the first 9 months of the year 2013, some 3,638 motorcyclist fatalities were recorded in the United States, compared to the 4,000 recorded within the same period of 2012.

According to a former National Highway Traffic Safety Administration official, some of the reasons why the fatality figures were dropping could be the introduction of new Universal helmet laws, better motorbike training, reduced alcohol impairment, and stricter licensing regulations. In 2011 for instance, more than 29% of motorbike fatalities were caused by high blood alcohol concentrations, and in the same year, some 22% of riders did not have appropriate licenses.

Fullerton Motorcyle Accident Assistance

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